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Rabbit Manure Fertilizer $15 

All natural bunny rabbit poop manure

$15 for a 5 gallon bucket

Bring buckets or trash bags when picking up
This is a cold manure, you can throw it directly on your garden. No need to compost!


Stud Service $80

Proven bucks available for stud. 

Buck pedigrees available upon request

If your doe doesn't take, bring her back to be rebred at no extra charge. 

feeder 7.jpg

Frozen Raw Rabbit $5+

Dog/ cat / snake food, feeders, wet specimens, human consumption, etc. 

Sizes vary from newborn to adult rabbits weighing 10lbs. 

Newborns (under a pound) $5 each
Over a pound $10/lb

Whole prey

Will be frozen and bagged. No live prey. 

Fully processed (Skinned, gutted) - additional $30 each

Ears, feet, heads, organs, and tails also available

Limited quantity available


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