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Fresh Rabbit Manure $15 -20
Fresh wet unfiltered rabbit bunny manure fertilizer
Roughly 90% manure. Some feed, fur, hay mixed in.
Unlike other animal manure, rabbit manure is a cold compost that yo
u can put directly in your garden. No need to waste time composting it! And it is packed with nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Making it garden gold for your soil.

Buckets (5 gallons) - $15 each
-You must bring buckets, trash bags, or bins to transport manure home.
Feed Bags (roughly a bucket and a half) - $20
-You get to take the feed bag home.


Dried Rabbit Manure $5 - 15

Dry with minimal hay and fur
Cold compost that you can put directly in your garden
Rabbit manure is packed with nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium.

No need to compost
All natural fresh rabbit bunny poop manure fertilizer

Gallon - roughly 2lbs $15,
Quart - 3/4 pound $10,
Sandwich - half pound $5


Stud Service $100

Proven bucks available for stud. 

Buck pedigrees available upon request

If your doe doesn't take, bring her back to be rebred at no extra charge. 

feeder 7.jpg

Frozen Raw Rabbit $5+

Dog/ cat / snake food, feeders, wet specimens, human consumption, etc. 

Sizes vary from newborn to adult rabbits weighing 10lbs. 

Newborns (under a pound) $5 each
Over a pound $10/lb

Whole prey

Will be frozen and bagged. No live prey. 

Fully processed (Skinned, gutted) - additional $30 each

Ears, feet, heads, organs, and tails also available

Limited quantity available


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