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About Us

When I was in middle school, I bred and raised mini rex mixes for a couple years. I went on a hiatus during high school and sold my small rabbitry to focus on school.  After a cross country RV trip in January of 2019, I realized what I wanted to do once I returned home...  start my rabbitry back up!

I fell in love with the rex breed soon after diving back into the world of rabbits. They had everything I loved: great personalities, soft velvet fur, their huge size but most importantly their gorgeous color!

My rabbitry focuses on breeding the uncommon colors found in rex rabbits while following the ARBA standard of perfection (SOP). This includes Tri-colored, Harlequin, Red, Lynx, Magpie, Tort, Opal, Lilac, Chocolate, etc. 

We have also recently started breeding lionheads! And the hybrid of the two: Velvet Lions.


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